Intimate wedding in a Tuscany Winery

Tuscany is a truly unique region, and certainly the one most characteristic of Italy in the eyes of its foreign visitors. Nothing surpasses the beauty of its countryside, so rich in breathtakingly romantic landscapes. And that's why I love to be Florence wedding photographer.
As far as the eye can see, vineyards and olive groves dress the land in grey-green, almost every hill topped by an ancient rural village or walled town, the surrounding fields of brilliant green in the spring turning gradually from poppy red in June to golden yellow in July and August, returning to the warm colours of the earth for the autumn and winter.
So it’s hardly surprising that it’s one of the most popular destinations for so many foreign couples, who choose it as the fabulous setting for their weddings.

It’s virtually impossible to be unmoved by fascination of this territory, the magic of some of the locations literally steals the heart away, and one of these is Fattoria Lavacchio a tiny village perched on the hills around Florence.
This magnificent farmstead is the result of the immensely successful restoration, now turned in winery and accommodation especially for people in search of a little peace in one of the most beautiful corners of Tuscany. Even the atmosphere of the weddings here is unique. This is the perfect location for a truly intimate wedding, surrounded by friends and family, tranquillity, charm and fantastic cuisine. And certainly As always, we o enjoy the best of sunsets over the Tuscan hills.

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