Intimate Destination Wedding in the most romantic little town of Amalfi Coast

It has now become a fixed destination, and for a few years now we find ourselves coming back time after time for wedding photo services or portraits of couples on the Amalfi Coast.
Positano gets into your heart, it’s impossible to remain unmoved, its effects run so deep. It’s almost too magical to be real …
It’s the same old fascination that keeps coming back. As soon as you leave the Naples-Salerno motorway and turn toward Sorrento the landscape simply takes your breath away, the cliffs plummeting to the sea, the rich Mediterranean vegetation, the colours of the flowers and the immobile, infinite sea. The “Positano” sign on the roadside is the gateway to our fleeting, yet intense moment of peace. Its tiny houses climbing up the village’s steep slopes are themselves like a grand cliff, all in tenuous pastel shades punctuated by the intense fuchsia of the bougainvillea.

We leave the car at the carpark and forget about it until we have to leave.
Here it’s all an up and down steep steps in narrow alleys. There’s just one road, and so you have to earn the most beautiful spots with a bit pf physical effort (don’t even think about high heels!).
The last wedding in Positano this year was the Destination Wedding of Chelsea and Zachary who chose the evocative terrace of Marincanto, un exclusive, historic hotel of this poetic little town, as the location.
As always, on this occasion we were welcomed in and helped by some splendid people, as willing and able as you can find only in this enchanting place. Poets, painters, excellent chefs, mariners and fishermen, expert guides and lovable companions for lazy afternoons.

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